The following list is a guideline to our fee structure


Due to the individual nature of dental procedures fees may vary due to complexity and/or protraction of treatment.
We provide treatment plans and estimates on request. Some treatments are eligible for tax relief from the Inland Revenue through Med 2 form.Eligible treatments include: Treatments of gum disease, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, orthodontic treatment ( 6 month smiles).

Please speak to us about payment options as we take credit and debit cards,cheques,cash and up front payments.

Some treatments are tax allowable-please ask us.


  New Patient Examination (includes necessary X-rays and full charting) €120
  Consultation €50
  Consultation for Treatment Plan €85

Routine Examination and Oral Cancer check


d Small Digital X-Ray €20
d Bitewing Digital X-rays


d Full face Digital X-ray (OPG) €50


d Hygiene Visit €70
d Periodontal Treatment (treatment of advanced Gum Disease) €100 per visit
d Fissure Sealant €40
d Silver fillings €90-€140
d White fillings (front) €100-€180
d white fillings (back) €100-€180
d Root Canal Treatment (depending on tooth) €350-€550
d Extraction (includes X-ray) €100
d Surgical/protracted extraction €120-€165
d Partial Denture (Plastic/Flexible) €450-€490
d Full upper or full lower denture €490
d Full upper and lower dentures €870
d Metal Denture €1100
d Crowns €700-€950
d Implant supported crown €1000
  6 month smiles 1/2 arches €2400/€3000(Includes OPG,final scale and polish,BOTH FIXED AND REMOVABLE RETAINERS)
d Bleaching( upper and lower trays) €240 ( including 3 tubes of bleach ) a hygiene visit prior to bleaching is highly recommended.